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Good stock analysis can mean the difference between disappointing failure or superb success when it comes to investing in the stock market. 

Some of the stock analysis systems featured below are completely free.  For others you may have to pay a small (or sometimes not so small) fee.  it is worth bearing in mind though that even if there is a charge, the wealth of information which you can gain may well be far more valuable in terms of profitability than the cost you are charged.

Tradetrek Stock Analysis

Complete a very simple one-minute sign up and you'll have completely free entry to Tradetrek's basic package which gives you access to many of their powerful market information services.  Tradetrek state that they make Wall Street tools easy for everyone.  Their free basic package includes:
  • Pattern based stock picks based on charting and technical analysis.
  • Up to 6 uses per day of Tradetrek's Neural Network Forecast, a revolutionary application of Artificial Intelligence which predicts 5-day price movement with an 80% confidence interval.
  • Use of Fundamental analysis valuation which will provide you with a 6 month target price based on an advanced evaluation model.
  • A historical chart walker which will allow you to see a snapshot of a stock's price/volume movement from as far back as 1970.You can also walk through the price on a day by day basis.
  • An index center which provides details of global world indices allowing you to view the performance of world markets over various time spans.
  • Breaking market news and searchable news of a specific stock.
  • Your own online portfolio.
  • Free tutorials from investment experts in the Tradetrek online university.
  • A Power Search faility, whereby you can search for stocks with high gains or losses based on trading-related parameters, as well as technical indicators that you select.  The unique search engine enables you to precisely target stock behavior patterns which you specify.
  • A challenging educational (and fun) device known as Money Trek which allows you to test and develop your trading techniques by virtually buying and selling stocks in the aim of outperforming the market.  Dates and stock symbols are hidden in order to truly put your techniques and disciplines to the test.  Once you have completed a few tests, you can get a report on the virtual trades you made, complete  with statistics and evaluations of your performance.
  • A Historical Back Test where all of the previous end-of-day Pattern-based and Neural Network live picks are put under your scrutiny.  You can see for yourself whether these stock picks  would have worked out, and it can be great fun in testing strategies and picks!
The amount of research information you can gain from this free service is considerable, and Tradetrek offer even more in their Silver and Gold paid packages.  It is definately worth checking this out for yourself at Tradetrek stock analysis to see what their service can do for you.

Stock Analysis Software and Search Engine from Ablesys

As well as knowing how to trade in the stock market, you need to know what to trade and when to buy and sell in order to get the maximum out of your investment.  Ablesys offers two main analysis systems:
  • The eASCTrend is a 100% mechanical trading system which is simplicity itself to interpret.  It provides precise buy and sell signals with no chart interpretation by yourself necessary.  Just look for the blue dots for Buy signals on the chat it produces, and red dots for Sell signals with sound alerts.   It works with any stock or share market and with any time interval, so whether you are trading in US stocks, UK shares or in any market, this will be ideal for you.  It doesn't matter whether the market trades stocks, currencies, commodities, bonds, or any other freely traded market.  It works well with day trading, position trading or swing trading.  The software uses real-time streaming information.  Ablesys say that learning to work the software is so quick that you normally only 30 minutes or less to download, install and set it up for trading.  The eASC Trend is available in a trial version, lease or outright purchase.  Other ASC Trend versions are also available. 
  • WinTick is a free online stock search engine which will provide you with up to 3 detailled reports per day.  These reports will give you current recomended eASC buy or sell positions, back testing results so that you can see how well eASC has done in the past with regard to a particular stock, as well as  risk comparisons.  You can also access highly detailed analysis reports and graphs of your particular stocks, plus you can get free IPO reports.  There is also a paid version available which which will go through each of 10,000 stocks, 43 futures and major market indices to inform you what  "Hot Picks" to trade.  
WinTick is definately recomended, particularly because the free version will give you an insight into how effective and successful good advice can be, whilst allowing you to get free buy or sell advice on stocks you are considering trading.  Check it out now from Ablesys stock analysis.
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