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French Stock Market Hours

Important Times in a Day Trading the Paris Bourse

7.15 am to 9.00 am is the time of the premarket in France.. During this early pre-market period, orders which had been placed after the previous trading day's close are placed in the order books. All purchase orders and sell orders are taken into consideration to give an opening price.

The most important time during this premarket period is 8.55am to 9.00am when large investors sound-out the order books by placing large purchase or selling orders to see where the opening orders at the market opening are located. That's why you should not too put much trust in prices indicated before the last 30 seconds prior to the opening. In cases of certain very volatile stocks (with few trades) the big investors can deceive the smaller shareholders by placing large purchase orders, then withdrawing them just before the opening (they have tools to do this!).

My advice is to wait at least until the first 5 minutes after the opening have passed before placing your own trades..

The Paris stock market opens at 9.00 am. At 9.00 the orders which have an opposite counterpart are matched and executed at the opening price.

From this opening the order books are activated and the offers of purchases and sales are executed according to supply and demand.

It should be noted that markets for Warrants, Trackers and certificates open 9.05am until 5.30pm.

On certain small values quotations are made at fixed prices at certain times in the day:

There are two types of small stocks:

  • Stocks whose price is fixed twice a day at 10.30am and 4.00pm
  • Stocks whose price is fixed only once a day at 3.00pm
The United States Stock Market usually opens at 3.30pm French time (depending on seasonal clock differences like the change to daylight saving time).

This moment is very important in the day of the French bourse and international stock markets throughout the world. The opening of the American markets either reinforces or reverses the trend of the Paris morning's trading. This opening usually has a only a small effect at the exact time of the USA market's opening because markets have several tools to know in advance the trend at the opening of markets before the actual opening occurs (for example index futures), but there can nevertheless be an abrupt movement triggered by the USA stock market opening. .

The Paris bourse closes at 5.35pm. At 5.30 the order books are blocked. The orders accumulate in the order books to find an equilibrium and a closing price.

At 5.35pm the selling orders which are counterbalanced by buying orders are executed at the closing price.

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